As Seen on TV

Sometimes, all it takes to explain a game is one sentence, or even a single word.  I’m not talking about describing what it takes to win a game – most well-designed games’ victory conditions can usually be summed up fairly succinctly – but rather the spirit or essence of a game.  It’s being able to […]

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Crazy, But That’s How it Goes…

[Note: This review copy of Crazy Karts was donated to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction on, raising $35 and UpWithMeeple shipped it free of charge to the winner.] In many games, the unknown can be fun.  Not knowing what cards your opponent is holding in their hand or what resources they’ve stocked behind their […]

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What’s In Your Wallet?

Most of us have something we’re good at – an inherent talent, a skill that’s part of our job, a hobby we love so much we know it inside and out.  Often times, that thing we’re good at also becomes our specialty – a ‘calling card,’ if you will.  The same is also true of […]

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Top Gear

Have you ever played a game you just didn’t ‘get’ the first time,  where the complexity, nuance, and balance of design separating a great game from a merely good one doesn’t hit you until two, three, or more plays through?  For me, Tzolkin was one of those games.  Thanks to several decades’ worth of tabletop […]

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I Got Some Wild, Wild Life

As a new board game review site, we’ve hit a lot of milestones and experienced a lot of ‘firsts’ here at Up With Meeple since we launched back in April.  And hopefully, through our reviews, you’ve been able to not only get a different take on a few new games (or some old ones you […]

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Project Funway

During my review of Patchwork, I mentioned the idea of my personal Mount Rushmore of game designers, and one of the individuals, Uwe Rosenberg, who would be featured on that monument.  Today’s review covers a game from another designer who I’d place on my designers’ Mount Rushmore, Ignacy Trzewiczek.  If you’ve read my Up With […]

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