We are Andy and Austin.  We have known each other since the 4th grade.  Austin once traded the Nintendo game “Ice Hockey” to Andy in exchange for the use of his Light Zapper Gun, “Duck Hunt”, and “Gotcha!”.  Ms. Swanson promptly took the Zapper gun away from Austin.  It was returned at the end of the day and their friendship remained intact.

Outside of gaming, Andy works as an Associate Professor at a State University, where his research and teaching focus are on statistical analysis of public policies.  While he’s willing to play almost any sort of game, some of his many favorites include 7 Wonders, Arcadia Quest, Blood Bowl, Caverna, Imperial Settlers, and Viticulture.  When not playing games he’s likely to be reading Silver and Bronze Age comic books, playing video games, (slowly) painting miniatures, watching professional wrestling, or taking a nap.  Andy stores his games horizontally by publisher.

Austin has formerly worked as a video game purchaser for a large rental chain, a touring musician, and a professional forager of wild mushrooms.  He is currently a stay-at-home Dad to his new daughter.  He is a reformed American gamer now leaning Euro, although he is still a sucker for Theme.  He is always up for a game of Food Chain Magnate, The Gallerist, Imperial Settlers, Libertalia, New Salem, or Viticulture (with Tuscany!), and will politely decline playing Deck Builders or 7 Wonders: Duel.  When not board gaming, Austin is a serious gardener, particularly of exotic heirloom tomatoes, and an avid foodie.  He also enjoys photography, videography, and video editing.  Austin stores his games the correct way, vertically and alphabetically.