Up With Meeple Has Launched!

Up With Meeple is a board game centric website created by two lifelong friends.  We’ve been gaming in one form or another all of our lives, but in the past few years have dove headlong into modern board games.  We own over 250 board games between us, of which nearly 50% have been played!  We currently live in separate states the majority of the year, so we play games when we can between work and life commitments.

Up With Meeple will largely consist of our personal reviews of games, but will also feature blog posts, news, photos, and hopefully videos, and anything else appropriate or tangentially related.  Maybe even take submissions?

We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (where we have literally dozens of followers).  The buttons are in the menu sidebar.

We’ll be introducing our Rating System and Criteria shortly.  We hope our ratings are a different take on tried and true methods that helps promote the playing of more games to more people.

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